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Here is free download  Google Earth 3.1 for Nokia 5250S60 Symbian phone. You can install Google Maps to use the Earth or Satellite view on your memory card. It is not required to install it on your system drive Google Maps require 1MB of disk space.

  1. If you use your PC, Download from this link below, save to PC and send it with pc suite to your Nokia phone. Click on "Send to Phone" and enter your mobile number (without entering the country code). Next, select your country in the drop-down menu to receive a text message with the link to download Google Earth.
  2. If you have your phone right now, simply open the built-in web browser then type, choose to download Google Maps
  3. Open file for installing this software an follow the installation wizard

  4. After installing Google Maps, you will find it in the Installations menu of your Nokia phone.
  5. To easily open Google Maps on your Nokia phone, I suggest adding a Google Maps shortcut to your Home Screen (Settings>Personalization>Home Screen>Mode Settings>Home Screen Applications>Application Shortcuts).
  6. The first time you launch Google Maps to view the earth or search for locations by voice or manually typing, you will be presented by a Terms and Condition screen. Accept it to start using the program.
  7. You can connect Google Earth or Google Maps using your SIM cards connection (GPRS, for example) or if there’s public Wi-Fi, you can use that too because the program will search for any available GPS network.

Download  Google Earth 3.1 for Nokia 5250 S60 Symbian phone

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