Compare HTC One (M8) vs SOny Xperia Z2

indexerrI don’t understand how many people said  the HTC One (M8) is better than the Sony Xperia Z2. The Z2 has the better camera, better RAM, better battery, has noise cancelling feature, and is water resistant. What made the HTC One (M8) better than that? The design? That fail Ultrapixel camera that sucks on daylight photography?has been able to explain why they put certain phones at certain ranks. One example is when the Xperia Z was below Galaxy S3 when it first came out. Another example is when HTC One (M7) drastically went down the ladder once the HTC One (M8) was released. If they were able to explain it before? WHy not now? Unless of course they can’t and were just being biased towards HTC.No one  haven’t answered my questions about the HTC One (M8) being better than the Sony Xperia Z2 just proves that they were being biased and had no convincing reason as to why they put the HTC One (M8) as the “best” smartphone. Z2 is very expensive and less innovative compared to m8, m8 has a better and smoother design, better audio and better screen. And in my country m8 u can buy for 1600pln+ and z2 is 2200pln+ (for a new phone). Also go look some damage tests, m8 has godlike screen when it comes to scratches and other damage.yes but we use phone mostly to talk. not to see the damage test or what so ever. because after this there is something better will come out like new brand org new model for smart phone.it is assumed that for many the actual phone is of the lesser importance, quick messaging, photo upload gaming etc etc has taken over. it allows companies to get away with less good phones, i had to dump all the tech in spain this year and dig out a 7yr old nokia phone to do the work that no iphone, no phablet or samsung could do, to make and receive calls from my sofa deep in the countryside.With so many broken screens, I’d say that a tough screen is one of the most important areas; I’d also say that Sony are very good in this area compared to say, Samsung, LG or Apple. If that were the case, we would all be carrying separate cameras, video cameras, notebooks, etc… The ‘phone’ aspect of smartphones is barely in the top 5 of everyday uses. If it were that important, the iPhone 5 would have tanked. Remember, you had to hold it at a certain angle to make a call??
the M8 is unbelievable. Gorilla glass aside, the booming speakers, metallic backing, HDMI out, etc… make this a superior phone.That’s why htc are the only major manufacturer that never post sales numbers because they’re embarrassing compared to others lol!
Thankfully most people are sensible enough to avoid a flagship with a budget camera. Fools like you never cease to amaze me with the amount of pure garbage you come out with.
M8s a dud and most know it. The iPhone 6 with its gig of ram and lower res screen is still much the better buy because it can actually take photos.
Z2 isn’t even comparable to the M8 in my opinion. Only metal crazed fanatics like yourself could do something so idiotic and irrational. HTC is a public company, and posts sales/revenue numbers along with everyone else. C-NET just did a nice write up on last quarter’s revenue. Google it, and quit being such a bully. Life’s too short.I think they are ranking based on experience rather than spec and performace. can’t speak for spec but performance is unbeatable 🙂 how fast apps opens and how fast UI works and no shutter or lag. Today almost all mobiles have identical specs its there UI for one that matters.

I will answer you why.
Z2 has great camera sensor.So did Z, Z1 and Z1 compact. And I bought all of them. But Sony has still not cracked consistent results in Auto mode. It is still screwed up. Excessive noise. The focusing gets confused indoors and produces very grainy image as well. Lot of people just see brand name Sony and 20MP number and expect it to be great. Well its not. At least not without fiddling with settings too much. And still it gets the exposure and ISO horribly wrong in Auto mode.
I hoped that this would have been fixed in Z2 after reluctantly getting rid of my Z1 Compact. But it is not completely fixed yet.

And it is still a bulky phone (it is not really an issue for me though). I know it is waterproof, but if you hold both M8 and Z2 in hand, M8 is in league of its own. If you though last year’s M7 was great, M8 is on different planet as far as feel of the phone is concerned. I still did not go for it initially but after getting Z2 and experiencing same issues that have been there for almost year and half now, I am giving up on Sony again and returning it. M8 is best compromise. If the camera on Z2 is not going to give me consistently good results, I would rather compromise on Waterproofing and get better looking and better built M8 which has better speakers and from what I am seeing slightly better screen bightness as well.

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