MacBook Pro with Retina Display?

Apple is sure to update the MacBook Pro with Retina display at some point in the first half of 2015. Here we look at its possible release date, specs, features and design; UK pricing and availability. Could a new model be coming soon?. The MacBook Air has been a standout success story for Apple, proving that there is indeed life left in the PC market. 2014 saw modest improvements to the svelte laptops, with the main difference, aside from the minor internal upgrade to the CPUs, being a drop in price of up to £100 across the range. So, what can we expect to see in the months ahead for Apple’s iconic PC? Top of the list of wants for new models is undoubtedly the inclusion of a Retina screen. While the current 1440×900 resolution is ok, it’s noticeably inferior to the MacBook Pro Retina’s gorgeous display, and looks somewhat underwhelming in the age of HD and beyond. Many expected the Retina Air to appear during 2014, and were disappointed to see the range ignored in the Autumn product announcements. One often-mooted reason for the delay is that of battery life. To push the amount of pixels that a Retina display demands takes a lot of computational power, and this drains the battery faster. The most obvious solution to this problem is Intel’s new Broadwell CPUs, which were originally expected to arrive in 2014, but after a series of delays are now expected in early 2015. These chips feature advanced power consumption capabilities that could mean the MacBook Air finally gaining a Retina screen while retaining that eye catching ten-hour battery life statistic. It’s also been rumoured lately that Apple will break from its silver livery and offer the new Air in the same three colours (Silver, Space Gray, and Space Grey) as the current iPad and iPhone range. A black MacBook Air with a Retina screen? Now that’s an idea to set the pulses racing and the wallet quivering. Another resilient idea that just won’t go away is that of a completely new-look 12in MacBook Air, which again would arrive with a HD display. Little is known of this machine, if indeed it even exists, but KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (who has an impressive record of accurately predicting new Apple products) declared that the new laptop would appear late in 2014. If the Broadwell problems had caused production to be put on hold, he may well be proved right when WWDC comes around in the summer. (On that subject, read our predictions feature: What to expect at WWDC 2015.) PREDICTION: As the only Mac (the Mac mini and Mac Pro aside) not to feature a Retina display in its range, the MacBook Air is sure to see this vital upgrade sometime this year. Additional liveries would just be the icing on the cake. Now Broadwell is shipping a MacBook Pro  Intel’s Broadwell processors are said to be shipping, does this mean an update to the MacBook Pro with Retina display will happen soon? Read on to find out..

Apple last updated the MacBook Pro with Retina display on 29 July 2014, quietly upping the specs and reducing prices across the board.

Now with a reduced starting price of £999 for the 13-inch entry-level model, and a reduction of between £50 and £200 for all six available models, the MacBook Pro with Retina display became more affordable than ever.

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