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Download here Skype application (.apk file) for LG P930 Optimus LTE/ P895 Optimus Vu. Installed on LG P930 Optimus LTE/ P895 Optimus Vu , you may can make free Skype-to-Skype calls, and send and receive IMs at no cost, one-to-one or with a group.

If you already use Skype on the computer, you’ll see your full contact list whenever you sign in to Skype on your own LG P930 Optimus LTE/ P895 Optimus Vu phone. Or even, you can set up a free account and be ready to go in seconds. You can even call phones at Skype’s great rates – over WiFi or 3G.
From LG P930 Optimus LTE/ P895 Optimus Vu to create calls to phones abroad, simply dial the quantity in Skype and pay with Skype Credit – or make unlimited calls having a subscription. When you’re abroad, our recommendation is that you connect to a WiFi zone for optimum value.

This new version of Skype app may consumes memory of your LG P930 Optimus LTE/ P895 Optimus Vu, especially from a video call. Following a 20 minute contact, this app utilizes around 100mb of Ram memory and doesn’t release that until you restart the phone.

Instruction download/installation Skype Software on LG P930 Optimus LTE/ P895 Optimus Vu

Download .apk file How to install this apk file Click Here

Dowbload from google play/android market

Note :

If you want to get skype direct by Scan QR Code, please go this sources below

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