Here is tutorial to connect your Nokia to Windows and Mac OS X via Bluetooth, creating synchronization & how to connect your PC to the Web .Connect your phone to your computer to sync your contacts, photos, videos, and more. There are two ways to connect your phone to your computer with Nokia Suite: USB cable or Bluetooth connection.

To make the most of Nokia Suite, you need to have a Nokia account. If you already have an account, simply sign in. If not, please create a new Nokia account. With your account, you’ll get to explore the millions of music tracks on Nokia Music Store, you’ll get apps, games, free street maps, and much more for your phone, and you’ll have access to phone software updates.

You can open Nokia Suite at any time by double-clicking the application icon on your desktop. By default, Nokia Suite always opens when you start up your computer. You can close the main window to leave Nokia Suite running in the background. Double-click the notification area icon to reopen it


Connecting with a USB cable

The USB cable connection is the fastest way to transfer large amounts of content (such as maps, photos or music) between your phone and computer.

When you connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable, your phone may ask you which USB mode you want to use. To use Nokia Suite, select Nokia Suite (Nokia Ovi Suite or PC Suite).

How to Connect Nokia to PC with Bluetooth

Bluetooth gives you a wireless connection between your PC and device. Note that not all computers have built-in Bluetooth. You can however use the data cable or infrared connection instead to make the connection.

    1. Activate Bluetooth connection on the device. For more information, refer to your device manual.
    2. Activate Bluetooth on your PC. Check your PC manual for more information.
    3. Open the Main Window of Nokia PC Suite and select Click here to connect a phone.
    4. The Get connected wizard opens, and select Next to continue.
    5. Select Bluetooth connection and Next to continue. The wizard starts to search activated Bluetooth devices nearby.
    6. Found devices start to appear in the list.
    7. Choose the desired device and select Next to continue.
    8. Type a passcode of your choice in the Passcode text box and select Next to continue.
    9. After a few seconds, your device asks for the passcode. Key in the same passcode on your device. Allow the connections from the PC.
    10. Select Next, and close the wizard by selecting Finish.

If you have installed Nokia PC Suite add-on applications on your PC, their icons appear beneath the main tray area. You can download add-ons from the Nokia PC Suite website.

The easy way of transferring files such as music, videos, images, and applications to the device, is to drag them on top of the device image displayed in the top left corner. Note that in some cases your files may need to be converted.

You can view the progress of the transfer in the indicator below the device image.

Create synchronisation settings on Nokia

Learn how to keep your calendar, contacts, and to-do notes up to date both on your device and on your PC. Define first what, how and when to sync.

    1. Open the main window of Nokia PC Suite and select Synchronise application. On the first use the settings wizard opens automatically.
    2. Select the PC application you want to synchronise with your device, and select Next to continue.
    3. Select the types of information you want to synchronise and select Next to continue.
    4. The application lets you select the user profile and calendar folders for synchronisation. Select Next to confirm.
    5. Specify the time range for the calendar and to-do items you want to include in the synchronisation.
    6. If you want to synchronise right away, select Synchronise when I click "Finish" and click Finish.

You can adjust the synchronization profile later. To adjust, select Synchronise application andSettings. You can also create new settings. In the Advanced settings you can define, for example, how often automatic sync is performed.


Initial USB setup

  1. If data transfers via USB data cable are supported for your Nokia device, you may connect the device to your Mac via USB cable.
  2. On your Nokia device, choose PC Suite mode when it asks how to connect.

Note: By default, your Nokia device will always ask which mode to use to connect to your Mac. If you do not wish your Nokia device to ask for the data cable mode, change the data cable settings (usually under Connectivity ) and select PC Suite as the data cable mode.

If you are using iSync or Nokia Multimedia Transfer, you are now connected and ready to synchronize or transfer files.

Initial Bluetooth setup on Mac OS X

Before you can pair your Nokia device and Mac with Bluetooth, you’ll need to enable Bluetooth on your Mac.

  • On your Mac, check to see if there is a Bluetooth symbol on the menu bar. If there is, click the symbol and make sure that Bluetooth: On appears in the menu. If it does not, click Turn Bluetooth On
  • If you do not see a Bluetooth item in your menu bar, open System Preferences. If your Mac has Bluetooth hardware, a Bluetooth preference pane will be available. Click the Bluetooth icon to enter the pane, and make sure that the text Bluetooth Power: On appears. If it does not, click Turn Bluetooth On.

Now you have enabled Bluetooth on your Mac and may proceed with pairing your Nokia device and your Mac

Pairing your Nokia device with your Mac

To pair your Nokia device with your Mac over Bluetooth, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your Mac.

You will also need to turn on Bluetooth on your Nokia device and make sure that your Nokia device is sharing data.Check the Bluetooth settings on your Nokia device. The settings can usually be located under Connect, Tools or Settings, depending on your Nokia device.*

  1. Turn Bluetooth On.
  2. Make sure your Nokia device is visible. If it is hidden, change it to Shown to all.
  3. On your Mac choose Set up Bluetooth Device from the Bluetooth item on the menu bar. If you do not see a Bluetooth item on the menu bar, go to System Preferences > Bluetooth > Devices and click Set Up New Device.
  4. The Bluetooth Setup Assistant window will open. Click Continue and select mobile phone as device type.
  5. Your Mac will begin searching for mobile phones. When you see your Nokia device’s name on the list, select it and click Continue. Your Mac will now gather information about the Nokia device you selected. When it has completed, click Continue.
  6. You will then see a dialog with a passkey on it. Your Nokia device should now ask for a passkey to connect to your Mac. Enter the passkey displayed on your Mac and accept the connection requests from your Nokia device.
  7. Select the services you want to use with your device by checking the boxes (optional, though if you are using your Nokia as a modem,you will nned to check Access the internet… )If you are using iSync or Nokia Multimedia Transfer, you have now finished pairing your Nokia device and Mac and may press Continue. You should see a confirmation message displayed on your Mac.

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