HOW TO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL : MyPhoneExplorer Client Suite Android

How to Install Applications My Explorer form Market Android

To install applications MyPhoneExplorer Client using Android Market perform the following steps:

1. Open the Android Market application in the Applications menu. f you are not already signed in to your Google Account on the tablet, enter your Google username and password here, then tap "Sign In."image

2. You can select any option – MyPhoneExplorer Applications based on what you want to do. You will then get a list of applications or games to choose from. You can also search : MyPhoneExplorer Client for any particular application using the magnifying glass (on the top right) . You will then get a list of apps with their description and rating. Click here :

Download MyPhoneExplorer Applications from market

3. Click on MyPhoneExplorer Client you want and you will get more details of that application – the number of downloads and user comments.

4. To install it, just click on the Install button on the bottom of the screen.


5. Prior to the install starting, you will see a final screen letting you know what the MyPhoneExplorer Client program you are installing will have access to.  If you have privacy concerns, this is the screen you want to pay attention to, so that you can know what information about you the program your installing is collecting.  Just click on OK to finish installing the application.

6. Once installed just look in your program list and the MyPhoneExplorer Client will be ready to use.

4 thoughts on “HOW TO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL : MyPhoneExplorer Client Suite Android”

  1. my S2-38AT0 phone is using android 2.3.5 (Chinese) and dont have Play Store (Android Market). How can I install Android market into my phone?

    • Hi Paul Aniga, thanks to your asked..

      dont worry sir please download here. This is apk file you can download direct from device or through PC :
      downlaod android-market.apk(Web)

      Source : http://softaya.com

    • hi sameer, Try the following actions:

      1. If you are trying to connect your bdevice to your computer using a USB cable, verify that the USB cable is not damaged.
      2. If you are trying to connect your device to your computer using Bluetooth® technology, verify that your device is within range of your computer (a typical range is approximately 10 m).
      3. Verify that your device is charged.
      4. On your computer, turn off synchronization applications or antivirus applications temporarily.

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