Here is guide to setting Internet wireless with Wi-Fi™ via your home network or via a hotspot on Sony Ericsson device. Depending on the level of security of the network, you might need to enter a WEP key and register your MAC address when connecting. Please follow my basic information about internet connection with your Soner .You must know to prepare the connection :

  • Make sure that Wi-Fi™ is activated. If not, go to the instructions for Connect to WLAN.
  • Make sure you have the correct WEP key. If not, contact responsible web administrator.
  • If requested, make sure you have access to your MAC address. If not, go to MAC address filtering.
  • Make sure you have excluded interference to the WLAN. Some older Bluetooth™ applications, such as old headsets may interfere and disconnect your WLAN. Turn them off and try to reconnect.
  • If no connection, restart the phone and router. Then try to reconnect.

I hope you are enjoy with this software.If any problem for downloading ,please contact me anytime

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