Here I give you the guidance How to Setting Personalize Home screen,Get Apps and Search Web on Motorola Xoom. The Motorola Xoom are all in the Touch entry.  You must know basic use of It’s all in the touch:
• Touch: Choose an icon or option.
• Touch & Hold: Open options.
• Drag/Flick: Scroll or move slowly (drag) or quickly (flick).
• Pinch or Double-tap: Zoom in and out.

Ok ,lets back to the topics, To setting home screen please read below :

How to Setting  Home screen on Motorola Xoom

At a glance: Home screen
The home screen gives you all your latest information in one place. Use the widgets, shortcuts and panels to see what’s important to you—whether it’s home, work, or play.

How to Setting  Personalize on Motorola Xoom

At a glance: Personalize
Go ahead, add your personal touch. Change your widgets, wallpaper, and more—make it yours.
• Home screen: Touch to add widgets and shortcuts, and to change your wallpaper.
• Sounds and volume: Touch Apps > Settings > Sound.

How to Setting  Apps on Motorola Xoom
At a glance: Apps
You can find all of your apps in one place. From the home screen, just touch Apps to open the app menu.
Want more? No problem: To download more apps, touch Apps > Market.

How to Setting  Web on Motorola Xoom
At a glance: Web
Surfing on the big screen. Connect over 3G or Wi-Fi®. Touch Apps > Browser.
• Tabs: Open multiple tabs in a single browser  ,and switch between them with a simple touch.
• Bookmarks: Love that website? Bookmark it.
• Touch tips: Touch a link or text field to open it, touch and hold for options.

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