Here is iSync Sony Ericsson Phone connect to Mac OS X. This software can bridge connection to your  Macintosh Apple Computer. All Macintosh Apple Platform type : Mac OS X 10.3x,Mac OS X 10.4x, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6,Mac 10.7. The iSync plugins enable you to synchronize contacts, events and tasks between your cell phone and an Apple computer.

System requirements
  • Tiger: Mac OS 10.4.9 – 10.4.11 (corresponding to iSync 2.4 version)
  • Leopard:Mac OS 10.5.1 – 10.5.8 (corresponding to iSync 3.0 – 3.0.2 version)
  • Snow Leopard: Mac OS 10.6 and higher (corresponding to iSync 3.1)
  • Bluetooth
Installation instructions
  1. Download the .dmg file to your Apple computer.
  2. Mount the disk image.
  3. Finder will mount and open the downloaded disk image automatically. If this doesn’t happen, locate the downloaded file in Finder and double-click it to mount and open the image.
  4. Read the manual and install the software.
  5. When the disk image mounts, a new Finder window will open that contains the installer and manual for the iSync.
  6. Double-click the installer icon to install the latest version of iSync plugins for your phone.
  7. Double-click the manual to open it and follow the instructions on backing up your data and synchronizing your contacts and calendar data.

Download Option :

if download doesn’t start in few second or error happened please check form Support of official website here : http://www.sonymobile.com/global-en/tools/isync/

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