Here is download link PC Suite USB Driver Cross E1 for Windows 7, Vista and XP. This software also can use for piloting as internet modem with your Cross E1. You can get this Cross E1 sync software to syncronize your data, album, song etc with your PC. In the form of ZIP files, so please to extract to get the setup files.

How to download and install driver software of Cross E1 are follow as :

  1. Please Find download link below.
  2. Click this and please download the extract after the finished
  3. Then open setup file the USB DRIVER to run the instaallation The computer will show automatically install, but will ask for the location of the folder DRIVERS. Lets USBDRIVER to extract extract. Then complete its installation process.
  4. Connect the usb data cable from the phone to the computer,
  5. Setting select PORT COMM menu on your device Cross E1.
  6. CLICK to choice of PORT COM
  7. Then see the bottom right corner of the pc suite window.
  8. When the status is still disconnected, try to select another PORT COMM
  9. Lets wait until initialize and the status was changed to Connected.
  10. If doesn’t not connected please change with another PORT COMM until you initialize can connected
  11. After finished setting its PC suite, PC suite can now be used to manage your HP, can also for setting the phone as a modem.

Feel free to download driver usb + pcsuite: DOWNLOAD

Mirror site :

phone suite
usb driver
mtkbusb driver

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