Here is download link Flock 2.5 for Mac. Flock is a consumer Internet business which has developed a free, next generation web browser. The web, and the way people engage online, has evolved dramatically over the past decade. But web browsers – the application that fundamentally enables online experiences and services across ones’ connected life – have not kept pace. How to install this software please follow this :

  1. Click download link below to download Flock 2.5 for Mac.
  2. Be sure to download it to the desktop, because you will need to drag-and-drop the file into the destination folder.
  3. In order to drag-and-drop a file, first position the mouse over the file to be dragged, click and hold the mouse button, move the file onto the destination folder and release the mouse button.
  4. Open the “Finder” application (pictured), which is located at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  5. Click “Applications” within the list of destinations under the “Places” heading on the left of the window.
  6. Drag-and-drop the file you downloaded into the “Applications” folder. The program is now installed.
  7. Drag-and-drop the file once more onto the system dock (the row of icons lining the bottom of the screen) for easy access to the program.
  8. Click the program on the system dock to open and use it.


Download link Flock 2.5 for Mac

Please to contact me if download doesn’t start or to request another software

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