With Google Maps installed on your Alcatel OT-910 device, Here is download link Google Maps 5.1.0 for Alcatel OT-910 Android. You can view street and maps of the World. Not only this, but it can be used to plot routes, find local places of interest, socialize with people around you and ‘walk’ along roads with Google’s Street View. How to install this software please follow this :

  1. Open link below,move your cursor in the up left of the page and find “INSTALL”button.
  2. lick in “INSTALL”button and follow the instruction.
  3. heck it by play your flash movies.
  4. Or any problem simply open the built-in web browser then type http://m.google.com, choose to download Google Maps
    Open file for installing this software an follow the installation wizard.
  5. To easily open Google Earth or Maps on your Nokia phone, I suggest adding a Google Maps shortcut to your Home Screen (Settings> Personalization> Home Screen> Mode Settings> Home Screen Applications>Application Shortcuts).
  6. The first time you launch Google Maps to view the earth or search for locations by voice or manually typing, you must accept a Terms and Condition screen.
  7. You can connect Google Earth or Google Maps using your SIM cards connection (GPRS, for example) or if there’s public Wi-Fi, you can use that too because the program will search for any available GPS network.


Download link Google Maps 5.1.0 for Alcatel OT-910 Android

Please to contact me if download doesn’t start or to request another software

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