Here is Download link HTC Cha Cha Sync version 3.0 driver for  connect to PC Windows. Here also give information about how to install this software. The software HTC Sync PC Suite are ready to download. Please follow the instruction bellow :

How to get HTC sync software, download and install

  1. Make sure you select USB Debugging in Settings > Applications > Development before connecting your phone to the computer. Find download link below,then Click green button”Download”  to download “HTC Sync 2.0.33.exe” to your PC.
  2. Run “HTC Sync 2.0.33.exe” to install it to your PC, and follow the Install Shield Wizard to finish the installation.
  3. Select the “Complete” Setup Type for faster and easier installation process, and then press “Install” to begin the installation. (For advanced users you could choose “Custom” to change the pre-defined shortcuts and the installed application folder path by your own.)
  4. After you saw the Install Shield Wizard Completed, please press “Finish” to exit the Wizard.
  5. Use the USB cable to connect your phone to the PC, When your phone prompts you to choose a type of USB driver connection, tap HTC Sync, and then tap Done. On the Device setup screen, enter a name for your phone.
  6. Click Save. The Device panel then opens. On the Device panel, you can set your sync options, see your phone’s general information, check the used and available space on your storage card, and begin synchronization.


Download link HTC Sync™ Drivers Software to synchronize  for Windows


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