Here is Download link BlackBerry Curve 8250 Version 2 driver for  connect to PC Mac OS. Here also give information about how to install this software. The first time that you connect your BlackBerry® device to your Mac computer and use the USB Driver BlackBerry® Desktop Software, you are prompted to complete the following information.

  1. Download the software to your computer. When selecting a place to save it,it is easiest to save it to the desktop to allow for easy transfering later on.Then Connect your device to your Mac computer.
  2. Please look the computer, click the BlackBerry Desktop Software that you have been downloaded,
  3. At the Device Name field, type a name for your device.
  4. Beside the Synchronize this device field, do one of the following:
      • To synchronize your device with this computer only, click with this computer only (faster sync).
      • To synchronize your device with more than one computer, click with other computers (safer sync).
      • If your device includes built-in media storage and you want to save your songs to this storage type instead of a media card, in the Music Location drop-down list, click Device Memory.
      • In the Keep this amount of memory free field, specify the amount of storage space that you want to keep free for files
        other than music files.
  5. Click OK and restart your blackberry.

Download link Blackberry Curve  8250 version 2 driver desktop software PC suite for MAC

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