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Here is  download link for Samsung C3222 SAMSUNG PC Studio II, PC Sync or Samsung PC Suite or Kies  Software version 1.0 to connect Samsung mobile phone to PC  Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7. The Samsung C3222 software download will take in several minutes.

  1. Please  save the driver in folder with specific folder.
  2. When finish the download,  you must have to change the USB driver setting to modem not mass storage.
  3. Double-click the downloaded file to install Samsung PC Suite . The installation interface will open.
  4. Click OK at the prompt to install the software. Click Next.
  5. Verify the installation directory. Change the directory by clicking the Browse button and navigating to the specified installation folder.
  6. Click Next to begin the file copy process. The progress bar will indicate when the installation has finished.
  7. Click Finish to finish the installation and close the interface
  8. Then you can use the software and connect to the Samsung C3222 with this USB driver

For detailing Download link the Software, please  go to their Support & Service Centre : Click Here


  1. hi give me samsung chat 322 Usb drivers

  2. moest

    thanks for Drumil attentian , now i have been posted the driver of samsung chat 322 special for you..please follow this link below..i hope you visit me again in anytime, If you want any software or drivers.

  3. abhi

    no new ver-4 but ver-1 is avialable send me the new one

  4. moest

    i have been repair my broken link, please visit me again.thanks

  5. amr

    very nice

  6. i need c3222 pc suite

  7. Ash

    I bought a samsung chat 322 mobile but I am unable to connect it with pc. I have installed all softwares which was in the cd but still I am not able to connect my mobile with pc. so I want to know how can I connect my mobil with pc?
    It says to select mass storage….. but when I select mass storage, it says to download driver but its not able to download driver from the cd which come along with my mobile…. please help

  8. moest

    please eject your cd,and download software here.Please try this.If any problem pplease find me again

  9. samsung c3222

  10. namal

    i wont samsung c3222 pc site

  11. rajesh

    i need samsung c322 pc suite plz help me………

  12. Matiluko

    I clicked the download page for the samsung c322 nothing was happening. pls. can i get the link page? Thank you

  13. moest

    click the bold font sir

  14. kunal roy

    i need samsung c3222 pc suite software please help me for download the same

  15. Dinu

    i wont samsung c3222 pc site

  16. moest

    please download sir

  17. karanjit kumar

    i want samsung c3222 pc suit

  18. Gaurav Kaushik

    I want pc studio for samsung c3222

  19. Ramsingh

    There is very difficulty to download the pc suite not found properly, so make it easy.

  20. Useless…

  21. rajha

    i need samsung c322 pc suite plz help me………

  22. rajha

    i need samsung c322 pc suite plz ………

  23. moest

  24. Javed khan

    i need samsung c3222 pc suite software please help me for download

  25. anji

    hii sir i want samsung chat 3222 pc suit

  26. Harpinder

    hi, i have samsung chat 3222 and pc studio also, but whenever i install it installs nicely but an error occurs and it does not start.

  27. admin

    Try the following actions:

    1. If you are trying to connect your bdevice to your computer using a USB cable, verify that the USB cable is not damaged.
    2. If you are trying to connect your device to your computer using Bluetooth® technology, verify that your device is within range of your computer (a typical range is approximately 10 m).
    3. Verify that your device is charged.
    4. On your computer, turn off synchronization applications or antivirus applications temporarily.

  28. sukhveer

    Plz send me pc suite gt-c3322

  29. admin

    Hi sukhveer. i have been sent to ur email sir

  30. raj

    i wants c3222 pc studio

  31. sathish

    pls help samsung pc suite for chat 322

  32. admin

    Hi Satish, i have been sent to ur email sir

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