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Samsung Navibot: review of the robot vacuum cleaner that cleans the house

pubblicato da Luigi Melita

With Samsung and intrigued by these new robot vacuum cleaner that you often see in malls but that is always the question of whether to work, we tried Navibot, our domestic worker robot.
Open the box there is a cylindrical robot that reminds us of an insect. On the top are touch controls and the bottom mount the brushes and rollers to help them suck dust, pet hair and crumbs.
The tank takes a section of the cylinder and can be removed to empty the dust collection (the capacity is half a liter), or opens the lid on top and it sucks as collected by the robot vacuum cleaner with a conventional tube.
In the package are two “gadgets” which basically create a virtual fence within which to move the Navibot In this way we avoid that approach, for example, the doghouse or ventilation do not want to achieve. Placed in front of a door, also keep the robot to go to another room.
After reloading (it only takes two hours), pick up the remote control and begin to “play”. It begins with the manual mode, useful if we are to aspire only parts of the floor by controlling the remote-controlled toy car as a Navibot.
Even more useful and less demanding is the spot mode that solves a common problem: that of the crumbs on the floor after eating. Once cleared, in fact, simply activate the “spot” that the robot is to clean a limited area of the floor, the one around the table or where there is dirt.
In addition to the spot mode and then the automatic and manual we have: the first clean the house up to the discharge of the battery (about 90 minutes) and the second allows you to schedule automatic cleaning.
In this way we leave the house in the morning and at night we found the apartment clean automatically, which is very useful during the day if we leave home a pet you may lose hair around.
Used daily Navibot Samsung is really helpful and managed to keep the floor clean. The suction power is not exceptional, and therefore can not be used to pick up stubborn dirt or dust and soil deposited by the time gaps between tiles.

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