New Motorola Flipout: Our Test Square With QWERTY Smartphone

Published: Friday, October 15, 2010 by Luigi Melita
Motorola Flipout,We managed to put its hands on the Motorola Flipout, smartphone with the wings of the house which continues the tradition of design and innovative solutions through a particular slide.
The screen, square, wheel to reveal the QWERTY keyboard so that when closed is a small and open touchphone becomes a QWERTYphone.
We start now from this point: slide keyboard and hinge. After trying for some time we can say that the hinge is solid and well made, able to withstand the stresses and maintain the mechanism intact over time.
As for the latest Motorola from Milestone, the Android operating system (version 2.1) with the addition of the interface and services Motoblur.
Motoblur that there was really convenient because since we had already tried the backflip and configured to contact them and your personal information, there is Just log from the phone and within seconds without a computer and the address book is populated.
Motorola FlipOutMotorola FlipOutMotorola FlipOutMotorola Flipout
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An excellent add-on software that goes to connect to the already excellent Android, on Flipout pity that we do not have a smooth and stable, and the processor seems underpowered. Let’s be clear: the system and applications are not likely to stop but we often find ourselves with some snap and the interface is generally missing the feeling of the smooth, continuous scrolling.
Perhaps the only flaw of Flipout is this because, otherwise, it seems a good model. The camera is only 3 megapixels but satisfactory results and considering the price, we can not complain.
The Flipout, in fact, it costs € 299, a figure not excessive despite the complete kit and the particular design. In the square of Motorola (which is not as small as you might think) we find a GPS module responsive and fairly quick fixes in, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a dual microphone for audio output (which is really good) and QWERTY.
QWERTY is great enough in spite of the provision is not a rectangle but may take a little ‘practice to get used to the keyboard, vertically longer than the normal keyboard for mobile.
Once a habit, the only question that remains is that of the directional cursor to the left, but in this case you could not do anything, the shape of the phone required.
For the rest nothing to report problematic and generally we were pretty good. Concluding Flipout it seemed an excellent smartphone that can shrink in size small (even if the thickness is) a hidden QWERTY.
Maybe upgrade the processor and use a slightly more accurate touch screen would have been better but would not permit to contain costs in less than 300 €.

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