New LG LX9800, The 3D TV Full LED Slim Smallest on The Market,Price and Specificationn

Published: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 by Claudia
LG announces a new way to enjoy and live television: The new LG LX9800 you have a new three-dimensional in their living room, thanks to images of clarity and fidelity to reality truly exceptional.
The LG LX9800 is the only system currently available 3D Full Slim LED market. This TV combines 3D technology with the Full LED backlight that ensures the full screen with more than 2000 LED, for a thickness of only 2.5 cm and a setting of less than 1 cm.
The LG LX9800 55-inch, with as many as 2,160 individually controlled LEDs (Local Dimming, promises images with contrast and brightness never seen before. Before this fact, the LEDs were positioned along the perimeter of the screen, while the LG Full Slim LED, the LEDs are on the screen.
The LG LX9800 also appeal to lovers of design: its crystal surface smooth, with a setting of less than an inch, making it a sophisticated and unique aesthetic object. All information about the world FULL LED LG is available at www.lgtv.it / led.

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