Windows 7 Phone: Sync with Mac by Christmas but no copy / paste until 2011

Windows 7 Ballmer Phone

Now’s your smartphone allow you to perform most of the tasks performed, until a few years ago, by the computer. The epochal shift from computers to phones, however, has not yet happened, for that reason to use a smartphone in partnership is essential.
It ‘important to synchronize files, saving data, adding applications and more. The latest operating system designed for the telephone industry, ie Phone Windows 7, will be finalized by 2011. It says that Microsoft itself with a note warning that the software to sync smartphone with Mac, rivals of the company from time immemorial, will arrive by Christmas.
The goal is not to lose potential clients among the ranks of Mac users. As for the copy / paste function is not yet available in WP7, will be added with a firmware update early next year.

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