Official Presentation of Sony Internet TV Powered by Google

After having seen a preview of how static prototype at IFA 2010 in Berlin, Sony Internet TV has been officially presented, ready for commercial launch in the United States.

Sony has shown four new televisions with screens from 24, 32, 40, and 46 inches and a Blu-ray with all the unusual remote control to manage the various features of Google TV.
If the remote seems too old-style with all those buttons, you know that soon will be issued to govern the application in the Android Market Google TV directly with a smartphone.
Sony Internet TV is officially on the corporate website (ice thanks for the tip) with prices starting at $ 599.99, around 430 € excluding taxes, for TVs and $ 399.99, around 286 € excluding taxes, for the Blu-ray Google built-in TV.
After the jump, the video presentation of Sony Internet TV live.

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