New GPS Road Price:Celly Work01 custody iPhone Car & Bikes

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CellyWork015Celly Work01 custodia per iPhone
After seeing the dock for my iPhone 4 in the car, we see an enhancement less feature-rich but much more versatile as it adaptable to many phones and not touch. It’s called Celly Work01 and is a case for the iPhone and smartphone touchscreen
Work01 is semi-rigid and can use the touch screen even when iPhone is kept inside. Also by zip waterproof and able to absorb even heavy impact, this case comes with a range of accessories to fix it by car, bike or motorcycle.
To start the terminal scratch supplied is fine for those dumbbells not too thick and generally are unable to find a part where you attach the mount without problems. By car, however, use the adhesive backing up less space but can hold the weight of the housing as the iPhone without any problems.
The only drawback is that, once decided by adhesive paste as you can not change direction a joint for use in either vertical or horizontal mode as the motion would stand comfortably. Closes the loop and carabiner included to attach the case to belt loops or neck.
In support of this conclusion Celly is really good: thanks to the thickness is well suited to various types of smartphones (iPhone and housing 4 with two thicknesses is perfect) and you can take it in the yard, running in the rain or in the pool without fear for the safety of your mobile phone.
Thanks to the various media can be connected in car and bike in seconds and, once dropped by half, it attaches to the belt loops without having to disassemble anything. Really well spent, therefore, required to buy € 29.90, the price justified by its excellent quality of materials and assembly solid.
A future version with an adjustable support for cars would make it perfect!

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