Mio GPS Car Kit iPhone 4: Car Holder

New chapter in the “Special Accessories iPhone 4” which addresses the need of those looking for a car holder for iPhone 4. An interesting proposal is the Mio GPS Car Kit is a real kit in addition to “dock” the iPhone on the dashboard or windshield via suction cup, serves a variety of useful functions in an all-in-one.
The first is to upgrade the GPS signal, a feature that the iPhone 3G was very useful but that the new iPhone by through improved GPS antenna, is less visible and useful.
Trying my iPhone 4 in the car, in fact, compared to the 3G signal was more stable and faster and fix the level of the best navigators. By connecting the kit to iPhone 4 million improvement but there is a plus: without the use of this accessory you navigate well in cities with rare cases of signal loss, exploitation is better navigate the city and has a higher accuracy in the narrow streets with many activities and the absence of the phenomenon of loss of signal.
Another feature of this product is the hands-free via Bluetooth. Built-in support, the speaker has a good playback volume and yield of a clear voice. Do not know about you but I drive I can not feel good from the iPhone hands-free and without this accessory, I was forced to use the headset.
Last of the characteristics of this model is the audio output, very convenient for those who, like me, a simple car audio input 3.5mm jack and not one of those modern dock for iPod and iPhone. Obviously, everything is powered by the mini-USB end into the cigarette and that if not connected, does not allow the use of hands-free audio output.
Concluding with the features of support, the Mio GPS Car Kit performs well on the windshield and never gave a sign of weakness. The articulated arm allows for pinpoint precision guidance and support on the iPhone 4 block adjustment without failure even in the streets full of potholes.
Thanks to the adjustable stop can be used with the iPhone cover 4, so will not have to remove and replace each time. We tried hard plastic ones with the bumper and the soft: no problem with any type of cover that wraps around the iPhone.
All this costs € 99.99, but that figure does not matter may be spent with a view to exploit the iPhone as a navigation system 4. An expensive accessory but does not skimp on build quality and functions.

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