Jorn Bluetooth Keyboard, The Keyboard Folding iPad, Smartphones and Tablet

posted by olivia

In defiance of all the mini-keyboards (see Brando) designed to use iPad and the like in desktop mode, the new Cervantes Jorn Bluetooth Keyboard looks like a traditional keyboard from convenient size, but easy to carry in your pocket, thanks to that allows it to be inward-looking.
The bluetooth connection also makes it extremely easy to use with devices such as tablet and touchscreen smartphone without the need for annoying wires (battery is certainly the issue of all to see).
The Jorn iPad also includes support for iPhone, smartphones and tablets adjustable both horizontally and vertically.
This find definitely useful for many holders of touchscreen devices on the go, has a considerable price: Available from 2011 will cost $ 99 (about 75 euro exchange rate), but you can already pre-order now at $ 79 (about 60 euro change).

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